Awana Grand Prix

Please note that this event has been rescheduleD from Feb 13th to Feb 27th

Join us for our 1st Annual Awana Grand Prix on Feb 27th from 5:30pm-7:45pm. On this night Sparks and T&T clubbers will race wooden cars down a 35' track in the ultimate test of speed. Cost is $5. Clubbers will receive everything needed for creating their own unique car including a wooden block, blueprints, axles, wheels & more. Registration closes Feb 20th. Friends & family are encouraged to come out and cheer on your clubber(s)! 

*If there are Cubbies that want to participate as well we will create a special space on the night for them to put their car down the track but they will not be participating in the actual race because of the length of the event. Cubbies will participate in their regular programming.


Race Details

When you arrive 5;30pm the first thing that you will do is register your car. During the registration process your car will be weighed. Cars must weigh no more than 150 grams in order to be eligible to race. To ensure that your car will meet the weight requirement please take your finished car to a local Post Office or Deli and have them weigh your vehicle. If you will be entering the creative design category you will also declare that when you register. Your car will be taken to a special table. Once all the cars arrive the judges will determine the top 3 cars and prizes will be awarded at the end of the night.

In order to be eligible to race your car must not exceed 150 grams in weight, 4 inches in height & you must not alter the diameter of the car (ie the car cannot be longer or wider than the original block of wood). Only Awana axels are wheels are to be used. Wheel bearings, bushings, washers and springs are prohibited. No starting devices are permitted. Car must be free wheeling. There also must be flat surface on the front of your car so the car can rest on the start gate without exceeding the start gate.  Clubbers may receive help from a parent or friend (we are obviously not asking our clubbers to use power tools) however it must be joint effort (ie This is your child’s car, not your car). If you have any specific questions please contact


Speed Focus

Everyone who builds a car will be racing and everyone will have the opportunity to place in the top 3 for speed and win a prize. However, certain designs are created specifically for speed giving you a better chance to win the speed prizes. If you have the need for speed then this category is for you!


Creative Design Focus

As noted in the speed focus cars that focus on design will still have the exact same opportunity to race as those focusing on speed. However these cars have the additional opportunity to win prizes for the most creative design. As can be seen above the pencil car is an excellent example of a car focused on design. The possibilities are endless and the top 3 cars combining quality craftsmanship and creativity in design will win a prize!