Child Protection Policy

At Calvary Gravenhurst we are fully committed to loving, serving and protecting our children. We have a deep conviction that God loves kids & values kids (Matt 18:2-6, 10) and we desire to do the same. We have a number of policies and procedures in place in our to ensure that our children are protected while participating in any of our child or youth programs.

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Plan to Protect

Plan to Protect® provides the HIGHEST STANDARD of abuse prevention and protection to organizations servicing the vulnerable sector. We are a member of Plan to Protect® and employ their abuse protection and prevention policies and procedures. For more information about Plan to Protect® please visit their website. If you have questions regarding our child protection policies please email


Child Check In

We employ child check in system that ensures that children are safe while in our care and then are returned to their family having enjoyed a fun and safe time in Jr. Church.

At check in, each child will receive a tag with a randomly generated numeric code. This tag also indicates what class they are enrolled in as well as any important information that would be pertinent for our volunteers to know.

As a parent, you will receive your own tag with a matching numeric code. At pick up, please present this your tag with the matching code to a volunteer in your child’s class. The volunteer will ensure that the codes match and release the child back into your care. This is indicated by the removal of the tag from the child.

If your child requires assistance during Jr. Church your child’s code will light up on a small box located on the left of the stage. If your child’s numeric code appears please come down to Jr. Church to assist your child.


Parent Consent Forms

Each year our Plan to Protect Policy requires parents to fill out a parent consent form for each of our children’s ministries including Jr. Church, Awana, VBS & Calvary Youth.

These forms provide our ministry leaders with the necessary information to ensure the safety of your child while in our care.

If you have never participated in one of our programs before, please fill out the long form. This form collects all the pertinent safety information.

If you have participated in one of our programs and have already filled out the long form then please complete the short form. This form asks you to confirm that all of the information we have on file is still correct and then give your consent for the upcoming ministry year (Sept - Sept).