WonderJam 2019


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You do not need to pay at the time of sign up however final payment will be required for your participation in this event. By signing up you agree to be responsible to pay for your ticket. We cannot issue refunds however we will do our best to help you sell your ticket in the event you cannot go.

Youth 1 *
Youth 1
Please select the level of ride intensity you are comfortable with at Canada's Wonderland. Groups will be formed based on your selections. Each group will decide the exact rides it would like to do throughout the day but this will determine the level of intensity or type of rides you will be participating in throughout the day. *If you would like to be placed with friends please ensure you sign up for the same group. Thrill Seeker = Choose this option if you are a roller coaster lover looking to ride the biggest & most intense rides Canada's Wonderland has to offer (large rollercoasters like Leviathan, Behemoth, Yukon Striker ect). Mix It Up = Choose this option if you want to ride some good sized roller coasters (but not the massive ones) but also want to hit up some other attractions as well. You'll ride rollercoasters without severe drops, loops or corkscrews such as wooden rollercoasters, vortex ect, as well as hit up the bumper cars and some other attractions like it. Fun, Not Puke = Choose this option if you feel like tricking your body into thinking you are going to die is actually not that fun at all. Instead you would rather have blast with friends while enjoying some of the just as fun, but more safe options such as splash mountain, thunder run, bumper cars, the arcade games, the food court ect.
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Youth 2
See above for complete description
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Please read carefully. As a parent or guardian I understand that my youths participation in WonderJam 2019 at Canada's Wonderland is considered a high risk event due to the nature of the activities associated with a theme park. I hereby release of liability Calvary Gravenhurst & its youth leaders in the event of accidental injury or death.