ONline DiscipleShip Program

This program is designed for students who are serious about studying the Word of God and/or are wanting to learn how to study the Word of God more effectively by themselves. Our prayer is that through faithful study God will plant in your heart a passion for reading and studying his Word. This summer we will be studying the first half of book of Acts. This program does not require academic expertise but it does require commitment and hard work. If you exhibit both of those then you will be successful in the program! 



Students will be studying using the inductive study method. The inductive method forces students to look deeply at the passage they are studying in order to learn why God put their particular passage in the bible and what the implications are for us individually, as well as what they teach us about God. This method uses 3 steps to achieve this result. 

  1. Observation - What is the makeup of the passage? Who is involved? What is the context?

  2. Interpretation - Why did God put this passage into the bible? What purpose does it accomplish? Does it teach us something about God? Something about his plan for us individually or for humanity?

  3. Application - How should my own life change based on what I have just learned from God's Word?



Each of the youth's submissions will be marked with each youth receiving a grade at the end of each week. This is done to give the youth feedback as to how they are doing. The purpose is to help them understand how to study the Word of God more effectively. There are a couple of important pieces of information to know about the marking scheme. 

  1. This Is Not School - Students will be marked on their effort and understanding, not their grammar and spelling.

  2. Marked By Grade - Students will be marked based on their grade level. The higher the grade level the more that will be expected.

  3. 2 Free Weeks- There will be 2 weeks out of the 8 weeks where your mark will not count. This can be used for holidays or to make sure a bad week doesn't count.



This program will run for 8 weeks during the summer months. If you have any questions or are having difficulty with a particular passage you can email to get additional help whether that is by Facetime, email or study time with Pastor Mark. Here are the final logistics that you will need to know in order to participate in the program. 

  1. Dates- The program requires 5 days of work per week starting July 1st and finishing on August 25th.

  2. Due Dates - Work will be due every week on Sunday night at midnight. Students submitting work late will receive a 5% penalty per day.

  3. Reward- Students who successfully achieve an average of 80% or higher at the end of the course will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.