Volunteer training


At Calvary we recognize that all of us have the same desire as Jesus does, that children and youth would come to know him as their Saviour and have an eternal relationship with him. Working with children and youth brings immense joy. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a child comprehend the gospel or hearing a youth share their story of how God has changed their life.

However we also recognize that there are challenges as well. Sometimes questions like “what do I do if the kids don’t listen to me?” or “what do I do if a child asks me a question I don’t know the answer to?” can run through your mind. Here at Calvary we want you to feel equipped and confident when working with our children and youth. This is more beneficial for them and for you. This is why we have invited CEF to give us outstanding practical training for working with kids and youth. So whether you are considering volunteering for the first time or you have served these age groups your whole life make sure you sign up because there will be something for you!


About CEF

CEF is a Christian mission organization and registered charity, committed to sharing Jesus with Ontario's children. Their mission is directly related to Matthew 18:14 in which Jesus said, "...it is not the will of my Father that even one of these little ones should perish." Those very words are the reason that CEF exists and the basis for their mission statement; "To evangelize boys and girls with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and the local church for Christian living."


Training Details

With over 80 years of international experience in ministry to children, CEF is a world leader when it comes to training. They offer two types of training: Super Seminars and Foundations for Teaching. Super seminars (Teach Kids!) are one hour courses that teach on a variety of subjects, in which we will be focusing on Classroom Management and Sharing the Gospel with Children.



These 2 Super seminars are going to be offered Saturday October 5, providing Calvary’s volunteers with a half day of training from 8:45am - 12pm. These 2 Super Seminars will be presented in the lower level of the church. Coffee and breakfast treats (muffins, fruit etc) will be provided.