What to Expect

Here is what you can expect to experience @ Jr. Church.



At Jr. Church our hope is that your children will experience the love of God through the way that we love and care for them.

We have a group of leaders who deeply love and value children and who believe that they are not just the church of the future but they are a valued and integral member of the church today.

We love because he (Jesus) first loved us.
— 1 John 4:19


When you walk through the main doors at our church you will see a large sign directing you to our Jr. Church area. Follow the arrows and you will arrive in our Jr. Church space! Once you arrive you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff or volunteers who will help guide you through the check in process.

With your permission, they will collect a little bit of information about you and your family that is pertinent to the safety of your child or children.

Once they input the information you will receive a tag similar to one shown on the left. It will have your child’s name as well as the class they will be attending. The tag will also have a randomly generated 3 digit number. As a parent you will receive a tag with a matching number. When you pick up your child show the teacher your code and the teacher will match the codes to ensure that you are authorized to pick up the child. The teacher will remove the child’s tag signalling the child is now under parental care.

The 3 digit code is also used to inform you as a parent if your assistance is required with your child during Jr. Church. The 3 digit code will flash up on screen in the sanctuary to the left of the pastor. If you see your number please immediately make your way to the Jr. Church area to assist our volunteers with your child.



9:30am - Nursery is open

9:30am - Gathering activities in classroom (Preschool -  Elementary)

9:55am - 5 minute warning

10:00am - Welcome & Worship

10:15am - Giving / Prayer

10: 20am - Preschool class dismissed for lesson

10:20am -  Elementary classes large group lesson

10:40am - Elementary classes small group lesson

11:10am - Dismissal / parent pick up