Sr. Youth 

Sr. Youth is a place for students in grade 9-12 that want to be serious about going deeper in their faith with God. We have a lot of fun and also do a lot of crazy things but that is not why we come to Sr. Youth. Coming to Sr. Youth means being serious about going deep with our faith in Christ, living that faith out authentically and making disciples of Jesus. 


Our Schedule 

6:30 - Hangout & Tuck Shop 

6:45 - Combined Announcements & Worship 

7:15 -  Combined Teaching

7:30 - Sr. Youth Small Groups  

8:00 - Sr. Youth Games  

8:30 - Pick up 

We also participate in many special events. Check the calendar for more details. 


What We are Learning

We are currently working through our new “Get Real” series. In this series students will hear the life changing power of the gospel through the testimonies of people who have been changed by the transforming power of the gospel.

They will hear live testimonies from youth leaders, video testimonies from celebrities and historical testimonies from the Word of God that hold just as much power today as they did thousands of years ago.

Join us for this series as we dive deep into the gospel and learn how God has changed the hearts and lives of others and how he wants to do the same for you. This is real people getting real about what God has done in their life. Failures, successes and the power of the gospel.


Our Small Groups 

Our small groups in Sr. Youth are designed to go beyond surface level discussions and prayer. We want our time together to be authentic and real. 

We want to be a community that truly cares for each other in both the good times and the bad times. We want to be a community that supports each other and prays for one another. 

Small groups are a chance to be real about what is going on in your faith and also in your life. You will be surrounded by people and leaders that deeply care about you and want to see you flourish in your relationship with God.