Sunday Morning

We meet on Sunday mornings as a part of our regular worship as a community. For many people, this is their first interaction with our church in a formal sense - and we want you to feel completely welcomed! Our worship service usually lasts just over an hour. We usually start with a greeting from the Host for the service, who also points out announcements that are important; then we have a time of singing before the pastor teaches the congregation. Elders and pastors are available to pray with you after the service if you desire. Please use the information below to prepare for Sunday morning. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us here


Worship Style

We're a church that believes in multi-generational worship, and so you'll find a mix of modern worship songs and some traditional hymns at our services. Our primary focus through musical worship is preparing our hearts to let God teach us, and so no matter what style the song, we make sure that it points us towards Him. 


We have programs available for children and youth from infants to Grade 9. All our children's ministry workers have completed background checks and trained to ensure that your child is safe and learning while you worship upstairs. You can find information about each age group below. Most Sundays, all children up to Grace 5 go downstairs as soon as they get to church for programs geared to their age-level.
Newborns:  Newborns are more than welcome in our worship service. Let our greeter know if you'd prefer to sit at the back of the church, and we'll make sure you have a place. We also have a private room for Nursing Mothers, with a closed circuit tv that shows the church service live.
Infants/Toddlers: During the entire Sunday morning service, a nursery is available in the lower level of the church. Staffed by a trained volunteer, the nursery is equipped with everything you'll need to care for your young child. It also has a closed circuit television so that parents who choose to stay downstairs can participate in the service. 
Pre-School/JK: In our preschool classroom, your 3 or 4 year old will learn Bible stories, sing songs, participate in activities and crafts, and hear about God’s love! They will enjoy a fun, safe environment, and begin to develop a basic foundation of biblical truths.  
Grade SK-5: Our Junior Church program is for kids in SK to Grade 5. Your children will participate in Bible exploration using The Christian Broadcasting Network’s  SUPERBOOK programming. Each Sunday includes a large group time involving music, a Bible story and prayer, and concludes with more in-depth discussion in their small group rooms.   SUPERBOOK enables your children to build a strong foundation of biblical truths, by creating an immersive experience that is biblically accurate, fun and media-rich. Click here for more details about the SUPERBOOK program from the CBN website. 
Grade 6-9: Junior youth are dismissed at the same time as the younger children, and meet with our youth pastor or another trained leader during the sermon. 

Dress Code

We don't have a specific dress code for Sunday mornings, but most people usually wear long pants and a nice shirt. No matter how you dress, know that you are welcome at our church. 


Part of Jesus' teaching in the Bible is to remember His sacrifice on the cross through the act of communion. Believers around the world gather to do this, some on a weekly basis, some less regularly. Calvary follows a monthly schedule for this, which usually takes place on the first Sunday of the month. We use grape juice and crackers as part of our worship, and a gluten-free option is available for those who need it. 


Part of our worship is giving back to God a portion of what He has given us. We do this through a weekly offering, which is meant for our regular members and attendees. If you're new to Calvary or just visiting, please don't feel any pressure to give. Please consider our worship service our gift to you.